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M.D Complete Fitness is a Top Professional

Pilates & Weight Loss Center. 


 Your training with a Top Certified and Insured Specialist in numerous elite fields of overall complete fitness.


 M.D. Complete Fitness has over 20 years combined  Pilates, Sports Medicine, Yoga, Neuromuscular , Nutritional ,  Pain Management , Flexibility Specialist and RESULTS!   


All Sessions are on the Pilates Reformers, Ladder Barrels,

 Wunda Chairs,  SPIN BIKES,Ballet Bars,  Bosu and Pilates ARCS.

(Which are Custom to YOUR Pilates & Fitness NEEDS)



 "Private Only"  ANY Single Session Pricing:   

A Single Person Training Session "One on One" for 45 minutes is $55 

A Single Person Training Session "One on One" for 60 minutes is $85 



"Private Only"   Package Pricing:                            

10 Sessions  for  45 minutes   is  $450     ($45 a Session)    

10 Sessions for  60 minutes    is   $750     ($75  a Session)  



"Duo's & Semi-Privates (2 & 4 Participants)"  Package Pricing:  

10 Sessions for  45 minutes     is $250          ($25 a Session per person  

10 Sessions for  60 minutes      is $500         ($50 a Session per person)


Class Prices Subject to change without notice. 


Rates above include the best "Master Trainer" and Owner rates of Real Pilates, Neuromuscular, Nutritional Consultant and Sports Medicine Trainer all in one.   

This is not just a Trainer but, a medical fitness specialist who will get your results safely and for your long term success.  

You are getting Elite Value and Pristine Quality...

Thank You.                     




No Refunds

on the Pre-Paid 

Pilates Value Cards OR ITG diet PRODUCTS

All Paid Sessions  and Packages Have 1 year expiration.




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Client must allow 24 hour notice for any cancellation or

(depending on the circumstance) client might be charged.